The following was obtained by Bruce Kettles from the archives of the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa:

A short listing of the downing of your fathers plane
F/L G.H.Porter pow
Sgt. C Gissing pow
Sgt. J.H.Patterson RCAF pow
Sgt. D.A. Hall RCAF pow
Sgt. F.N. Linklater RCAF pow
Sgt. B.O.Collins died
Sgt. K.E. Wilman pow

Operation: Duisburg
T/o 0011 East Moor. Last heard on w/t at 0243 transmitting, "Am being attacked by fighters - abandoning aircraft". Crashed, practically alongside a searchlight battery, at Elsendorp (Noord Brabant), 14 km SE of Uden, Holland.

Sgt. Collins is buried at Eindhoven in Woensel General Cemetary. While in captivity, Sgt. Gissing exchanged identity with Cvr McAnally of the New Zealand infantry.