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My Old CompassCompass-2

This compass bowl was part of the Halifax II which crashed into a wood near Oploo in Holland on the fated night of July 25/26th, 1942.
The compass was part of the bomb sight, situated in the nose of the aircraft, and must have been thrown some distance; where it was found by John Freriks father some time after the crash.
It was given to me by Freriks when I was stationed at R.A.F. Wahn after the war.
Later I gave it to the Ex-P.O.W. Museum at Lashenden, Kent. (I scratched the particulars on its side before taking this picture.

In September, 1990, The British Ministry of Defence contacted me that a Dutchman by the name of Charles Manders had the flying helmet that I had been wearing when I was shot down and wished to return it to me. My son, Peter, now has the helmet, which is still in excellent condition.

Search enquiry from the British Embassy in Holland.
The photo that Charles Manders sent to me showing him wearing the helmet and accompanied by his grandson.