"Serial Range W1211 - W1253. 43 Halifax Mk.11. Part of a batch of 181 HP59 Halifax Mk.11. W1002-W1021; W1035- W1067; W1090-W1117; W1141-W1190; W1211-W1253; W1270-W1276. Delivered by English Electric Co. (Salmesbury & Preston) between 9Jul42 and 9Aug42. Airborne 0011 26Jul42 from East Moor. Last heard on W/T at 0243 transmitting ""Am being attacked by fighters - abandoning aircraft"". Crashed practically alongside a searchlight battery, at Elsendorp (Noord Brabant), 14 km SE of Uden, Holland. Sgt Collins is buried at Eindhoven in Woensel General Cemetery. His father, Pte Harry Osborn Collins of the Bucks Battalion, The Ox & Bucks Light Infantry was also killed in Belgium 22Aug17. While in captivity, Sgt Gissing exchanged ID with Dvr Mcanally of the New Zealand Infantry. F/L G.H.Porter PoW Sgt C.Gissing PoW Sgt J.R.Patterson RCAF PoW Sgt D.A.Hall RCAF PoW Sgt F.N.Linklater PoW Sgt B.O.Collins KIA Sgt K.E.Wilman PoW Sgt C.Gissing was interned in Camps 8B/344/9C, PoW No.25069 with Sgt D.A.Hall, PoW No.25074. Sgt F.N.Linklater in Camps 8B/344, PoW No.25125 with Sgt J.R.Patterson, PoW No.25670 and Sgt K.E.Wilman, PoW No.25647. F/L G.H.Porter in Camp L3, PoW No.583. "