The original letter that John Freriks sent to the Mayor of Dorset when he was trying to locate me after the war was over.

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The text is reproduced below just as it was written.

Vierlingsbeek 20-12-45

Dear Sir,

Undersigned ask for informations about the just adress of an inhabitant of Dorset.

It is concerning Flight-Lieutenant Porter, who is shot down by a German night-fighter above Oploo (in the neighbourhood of Boxmeer, the 27-7-42. To my knowledge there are two survivors; Flight-Lieutenant Porter and machine-gunner Hall. The latter was a Canadian, I mean sergeant.

They were at my home in the night from 27 till 28 of July 1942. After I had told them that the Germans would (take) seize all goods of value he handed me his watchbracelet and some other things of value. I promised him, to give back these things to him or to his wife, when the war was over. He gave me his address, I hided it, but our house is destroyed by war, so that I cannot place myself in communication with him. Fortunately I have his watch (a souvenir of his wife) and other things are saved.

About his address I only remember;




Dorset (Essex)

Can you give me the just address of him?

Perhaps there is an office where I can inquire.

Thanking you in anticipation

I am truly

[signed] J. Frericks. ----------------------------

Mayor of

Dorset (Essex)



Grote Straat
A 17.

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