Call Round Any Old Time
Words by E.W. Rogers; Music by J. Chas Moore

Two young fellows met out in the street yesterday,
One was shabily clad, and he tried,
To avoid the well dressed one, who held out his hand,
"Are you going to cut me?" he cried.

"What say? Too jolly shabby to give me a call,
But you'll shake hands with me, I suppose?
Come and dine with me, just as you are,
I don't mind. For I don't judge a man by his clothes".

Call around any old time and make yourself at home.
Put your feet up on the mantleshelf, open the door and help yourself.
I don't care if your friends have left you all alone,
Rich or poor, knock on the door, And make yourself at home.

Said the swell, "Tho' today I am up in the world,
When I first met you, luck on me frowned,
You were rich. And I knew that to you I could go
If I wanted a chum or a pound.

So come round to my flat, have the best in the place.
What you can't eat and drink, take away;
For you kept open house for your chums when you'd wealth,
And that's why I'm so glad I can say.".....