Revised "Gorgonzola Cheese:
(NOTE: The following contains minor additions and revisions to the words as supplied to me by:John Berry )

My wife lately bought some Gorgonzola Cheese -
She saw it in the shop marked "cheap".
She thowt 'er loving 'usband it would please,
If only 'till 'is birthday it could keep!

She put that cheese quite safely in a drawer -
A month went by - or p'rhaps a little more;
The company arrove, the dinner went off great -
Until that cheese came in upon a plate!

Then the old Tom cat fell a corpse upon the mat
(When that "sniff" got up its nose he just went flat).
Talk about the flavour of the crackling on the pork,
I couldn't understand it when they all got up to walk!

I tried to say a few words to my spouse,
As that wonderful effluvium just filled our house.
But nothing could've ever been so flippin' strong,
As that Gorgonzola cheese and all that pong!


The following was received from Clive Bell and provides a minor variation to the above words.


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Comments: The magazine Unknown Public recently asked me to recall my earliest musical memory. After some thought I realised it was my father, while I was taking a bath in 1953, singing the Gorgonzola song. I was hazy about the lyrics, and was delighted to find them on your site. Eventually I recalled the words my father sang: the first two verses are roughly the same as your version, but the chorus went like this:

Oh, that, Gorgonzola cheese!
It must have been unhealthy I suppose,
For the poor Tom cat fell a corpse upon the mat
When the whiff went up his nose.

Talk about the flavour of the crackling on the pork,
Nothing could have been more strong
Than the beautiful aroma that filled our house
When the Gorgonzola cheese went wrong.