Father's Grave

They’re moving father’s grave to build a sewer.
They're moving it regardless of expense!
They're shifting his remains
To put in 9-inch drains
To irrigate some plush bloke's residence.

Now what's the use in having a religion,
And thinking when you're dead your troubles cease?
If some rich city chap
Wants pipelines to his crap.
He doesn't let a workman sleep in peace.

Now father in his life was not a quitter,
I don't suppose he'll be a quitter now.
Cause when the job's complete,
He'll haunt that sewer sweet:
They'll only pull the chain when he'll allow.

Oh won't there be some bleedin' consternation;
And won't them city toffs begin to rave!
It's more than they deserve:
They had the bloody nerve
To muck about a British workman's grave.