Click on the titles below to hear a number of great old Cockney monologues by Jack Warner. These are not strictly Edwardian Music Hall, but still very relevant and enjoyable.

I Didn't Orter 'A' Ett It.
My Bruvver in the Life Gaurds.
Walking Hup and Down the Rawlway Laines.
You Can't Help Laughing.
Sea Lions and Seals.
Funny Occupations (1).
Claud and His Sword.
Funny Occupations (2).
If I'd Only Put an 'X' Instead of '1'.
Thank You, My Lady.
Frank and His Tank.

Then there are these great monologues from Stanley Holloway:
These were all sent to me from Australia by Paul Fraser.

Alt! Who Goes Theer
Beat the Retreat on Tha Drum
Old Sam Small - Pick Oop Tha Musket
Runcorn Ferry
The Beefeater
The Lion and Albert
Three Ha pence a Foot
With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
Yorkshire Pudden
Albert and the 'eadsman
Gunner Joe
Marksman Sam
The Battle of Hastings
The Jubilee Sovereign
The Magna Charter
The Return of Albert-Albert Comes Back
Jonah and the Grampus