One of the Windsor School forums started a thread that wondered what all the fuss was about regarding the Harry Potter books.


I donít think youíre such a rotter
If you donít read Harry Potter.
Some of us just simply gotta
Read a lotta Harry Potter.

It takes us back to times gone past
With memories that last and last.
Our friends at Hamm were such a blast.
The years flashed by - they flew so fast.

Of course we didnít conjure spells,
But studied hard, both guys and gells.
The contents of this forum tells
The thoughts that linger; the past that dwells.

Our Harry takes us back once more,
To that time we had before.
Itís oh, so difficult to ignore
How days at Hamm have shaped our core.

Those stories really are sublime..
Enjoying them ainít such a crime.
So read these books just one more time
And please forgive this awful rhyme.