Mike (The Windsdor School Site Manager) has spent a lot of time creating the Windsor School BFES Website. However, since the emergence of the "Lord of the Rings" film trilogy, a lot of the ex-students have decamped to a site dedicated to Hobbits. This has also appeared on the Windsor School site as a dedicated forum. Because this forum is basically uncensored, Mike has objected to some of the language contained therein and decided to censor the word "Hobbit". Because of this, a great debate on unnecessary censorship has arisen within the ex-Windsor School community. Mike is also an avid partaker of the British coffee called KenCo.


Hairy footed Hobbits here,
They are everywhere we fear.
Itís not a problem, letís be fair.
They still have useful things to share.

So Hereís to KenCo; Hereís to Beer,
And hereís to everything - No fear!
Letís just try to get along,
And gather round to sing our song.

The Site is fine, I must agree.
I hope you wonít cross swords with me.
Iím not a Hobbit, but Iím fine,
Just keep it low - donít cross the line.

So, everyone just take a breath.
It isnít like weíll starve to death.
They always smile and never frown.
And never try to take us down.

They saved the world for you and me,
Theyíre very useful - donít you see?
So, let us all step back a while.
Drink some ale, and try to smile.

Let it go, Mike - thereís a lad
Thereís just no need to feel so bad.
Come wind, or rain, or any weather,
We should all try to live together.