At Windsor School BFES each student was given a number beginning with the letter of the House they belonged to. After the student left, the number was recycled. Ken Squires recalled the number he had while he was a member of Hillsborough House, and asked if anyone else could remember the one that they had. Unfortunately, this was one item that had escaped from me into the sands of time.
"Catnap" was the user name that Teresa Ireland (nee Fenton), of Hillsborough Girls, had chosen for the ex-Windsor School website. Teresa suffered from mild narcolepsy and loved cats (hence the choice of user name). She was a Headmistress at a kindergarten school in Manchester and was always joking about having trouble staying awake in front of her students. It is with a great deal of regret for me to report that Teresa passed away in 2005. However, she will always be remembered for her wit and intelligence.


I know I had a number,
But I can't remember what.
While Catnap had her "slumber",
I plainly just forgot!

I just know that I had one,
As did everyone I hear.
But I was having so much fun,
The number's gone I fear.

That number's disappeared for sure,
It's lost and gone for good.
There really ought to be a law,
I'd find it, if I could.

But some of us have wandered, oh!
To pastures far and wide.
It's one thing that I can't recall -
That number's gone to hide.

But I'm not going to miss a wink,
I'm really not so sad.
I've many other thoughts to think,
About the times we had.