Mike commented on trying to find a way to reduce, or eliminate, the amount of "spam" that had started to appear on the Website.


There has to be a reason
Why some people like to spam.
I guess they only do it
Just because they can!

They should have better things to do
There's plenty there to find.
If they would only look around,
But maybe theyíre too blind!

Itís such a shame they feel this way,
I thought Hamm had taught us well.
Why do they have to screw us all
Píraps only they can tell.

I hope that they will see the light,
And leave this site to us.
We all have happy memories,
So, please get off the bus!

Please get off the bus, I say,
Go walking in the rain.
Just find something else to do,
Youíre causing too much pain!

I donít know where you're coming from.
You must be very sick.
To pass your time by sending Spam.
Itís how you get your kick.

Sitting in your room all day!
Just try and get out more.
It may give you fun to spam,
However there's a law!

I hope they find you soon my friend.
And put you in a cell.
It will happen soon enough,
Only time will tell!