The Ex Windsor BFPO site disappeared from the Internet at the end od 2005. So far, Mike has been unable to correct the problem. However, he says that he is diligently working on it. The following was e-mailed to him in the hope that he will not give up on the great service that he has provided for all those that went to the school.


Where, Oh where has the Windsor Site gone?
Oh where, Oh where has it gone?
I wish that it would come back again,
It used to be so much fun.

I stare and stare, at my Internet screen.
I stare and stare all day long.
I miss all the memories, and all of the jokes.
So please let us know what went wrong.

I met up with friends that Id never have seen,
If not for this fantastic site.
We all met at Newbury, from lands far and wide.
Yes, that was a wonderful night.

I hope you can fix it, and fix it quite soon.
For the memories there were so cool.
We all will remember, as long as we live,
All the great times we had at that school.

So, what can we do, Mike? So, what can we do?
All your efforts should not be in vain.
I just hope you fix it, and fix it quite soon.
So we can start posting again.