The Ex Windsor BFPO site disappeared from the Internet at the end od 2005. So far, Mike has been unable to correct the problem. However, he says that he is diligently working on it. He finally fixed the problem Frbruary, 2007, and the Site is now back up and running. The resurgence of the Site prompted the following (especially after a dig from my mate Bob Stocks - robertinnz).


Welcome back EWB.
It’s been so long, we all agree.
For weeks and months - it was so long.
Some said “So Long”! - but they were wrong.

I’m glad that Mike, the answer found.
And just as long as he’s around.
We’ll make this site a “Home from Home”,
And trust that it will cease to roam.

So, welcome back EWB.
I raise a glass, or maybe three.
I hope to see old friends of mine,
Throughout these pages over time.