A new member of the Windsor School site, whose Windsor Site name is "Streetrat", wrote in July, 2007, that they hadn't seen me on the site for a bit, although they enjoyed reading the poems that I had written. The following was sent as a reply on the "Poets Corner" forum. If it prompts anything, then there may be more Windsor School rhymes to come.


I stay here, sitting day by day,
And often wonder what to say.
Iíve written many rhymes of yore,
Of times at Windsor School - and more.
Then ďStreetratĒ said that theyíd not seen
Me on the site. But thatís just mean.

I just needed something new.
A bit of something, maybe two.
Need something wild to stoke the flame,
The things on here are just too tame.
I scour the site for topics new
And still canít find a thing to do.

So see if you can help me out.
No need to whisper, give a shout!
Iíve been away and travelled wide,
And didnít really mean to hide.
I just need something new to say
About those times back in the day.

I tend to use the stuff I see
Thatís near at hand and close to me.
Iíd use the news, but thatís so sad.
Itís war and politics - all bad.
So keep it happy, not too blue,
And I will see what I can do.