This is a poem about my time at Windsor Schhol. It happened so long ago, but this time is still fresh in my memory.


So many years ago, back then,
I was five years old, plus ten.
I went to school; became a man,
At Windsor School in Deutschland, Hamm.

And who could really ask for more,
Wed beaten Germany at war.
And part of what that victory meant,
Us kids to Forces Schools all went.

While our folks all did their bit
To serve their country - all that sh*t ,
We were sent away to grow,
And learn the things that we should know.

These institutions did their best,
But we were left to learn the rest.
I must admit, I learned a lot,
On winters cold and summers hot.

Our school was co-ed when I went,
And many pleasant times were spent.
We wer'nt allowed outside the ground,
It mattered not at all I found.

My room looked out across the way,
Towards Balmoral Girls - Oy Vey!
I remember those times still,
A'dreaming on that window sill.

Those dreams became reality,
And , even now, I clearly see.
The times we walked together, near,
And whispered in each others ear.

But then we had to leave that stage,
And go to work to earn a wage.
Still I will always think of when,
I learned to be a man, back then.