Many entries on the Windsor BFES School site are requests from ex-students to contact others that went there. This was written in hope that some form of contact will result.


Does anyone remember me,
We often see this hopeful plea.
Everyone just wants to ask;
A way we have to live the past.

Remember me, remember me!
These memories cause us all to be,
A part we all were once before,
In Germany, beyond our shore,

That time will live within our heads,
Those army cots, hospital beds.
We had to fold those sheets just right,
So we could sleep throughout the night.

We may have gone our separate ways,
But many a thought of friends still stays.
To reconnect, thatís all we ask.
Is that too difficult a task?

We shared a time that shaped us all,
It made us strong. It made us tall.
If some of you remember me,
Please answer here so I can see.