The following has been included as part of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) web newsletter. It is a plea for everyone to become a volunteer and do something to help their local community.

(A poem by Pete Porter)

I wish that I could sometimes be
Just made of branches, like our tree.
So I may find a better way
To pass the the time that fills my day.

My life is full. I donít feel sad.
But there are others not so glad.
I need to use the time thatís mine,
To aid all those that stand in line.

I wish that I could help and feed
All those in hunger, those in need,
All those that do not have a friend
All those that feel lifeís at an end.

I know thereís things that I can do,
To help out some, or just a few.
For it will make me feel so grand.
To give them all a helping hand,

Iíve lived so many years, and found
That, if Iíd only look around,
The things Iíve learned and value still,
Can all be used, their world to fill.

Iíll use my time to volunteer.
To spread good feelings and good cheer.
It will fill me up with pride,
To know that Iíve helped stem the tide.

So join with me and help this task.
Just volunteer, thatís all I ask.
Youíll wonder why you hadnít done
This thing before. Itís so much fun!