Itís all so very long ago.
Our minds and limbs had much to grow,
At Windsor School our minds were caught.
So very long ago.

It taught our generation fine,
And showed us how to toe the line.
It coloured every living thought.
So very long ago.

Iíve now grown strong and grown so tall,
But still those lessons I recall.
I still remember what was taught.
So many years ago.

It shaped our minds and bodies too.
It taught us everything it knew.
Yes, everything, both long and short.
So many years ago.

The knowledge that was stored within,
Has helped me deal with kith and kin.
For everything was not for naught.
So many years ago.

Iím growing old, my hair turns grey.
But think of where I am today.
And thank that school for what it brought.
So many years ago.