Just before February 14, 2006, Vice President, Dick Cheney accidently shot 78 year old Harry Wittington during a duck hunt in Texas. Doctors at Corpus Christi Hospital said that there were up to 200 shotgun pellets lodged in Mr. Wittington’s body and that one had migrated into his heart, causing him to have a heart attack. He said that Wittington is presently housed in the ICU in stable condition. The body count for U.S. forces in the Iraq war just surpassed 1,000. Currently serving as Vice President, Cheney will be in line to take over Bush's office as President if he decides to run for that post in the next election.
In talking about this with one of my friends, we wondered what might have happened if President Bush had been in the party and Cheney had shot him instead of Wittington. We concluded that the Secret Service would probably have immediately shot Cheney on reflex. And if both Bush and Cheney had died because of this, well ?????. An interesting situation, is it not?

Which is more dangerous? Hunting or Diving? (A road sign put up after the incident)

Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run.
Don’t give Dick Cheney a gun, gun, gun.
He’ll get by without his rabbit pie,
So, run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run!

What is it with these V.P.s,
They’re all klutzes through and through.
While Gerald slices golf balls,
Our Dick shoots number two.

Buckshot number two, that is.
But he's never been to war.
And if he had, then you could bet
We’d lose that one for sure.

I hope he reads the papers,
A thousand dead, oh my!.
But Cheney doesn’t worry
With the price of gas so high.

Will he be tried for manslaughter?
Will he be tried at all?
Just remember that he’ll still be there
If that Dubya guy should fall.

Please don’t run Cheney, please Cheney, please don’t run.
And make sure you don’t have a gun, gun, gun,
We’ll get by, without your pie in sky,
So please, Cheney, please Cheney, please don’t run!