From mountains high and oceans wide,
Iíve always viewed this land with pride,
But when we come to choose a party,
The choice we haveís like Laurel and Hardy.

While Stan was of the thoughtful sort,
Our Ollie never stopped for thought.
He hopes that all will turn out fine,
Then turns to Stan and says this line:

"A fine mess now youíve got us in,
"To carry on would be a sin.
"I really donít know what to do,
"And so Iím leaving it to you"!

Who ever gets to rule this land,
Will feel theyíre walking over sand.
Itís hard to go, and hot to boot,
But Dubya just wonít give a hoot.

Weíre in so far and in so deep,
The winnerís road will be so steep.
That they will need a helping hand,
If they're to travel through that sand.

So think on this before you vote,
Theyíll need to cast off Dubyaís coat.
The problems that they garner here,
Will be around for many a year.

We only have ourselves to blame,
Because we voted for that name.
But now weíll get to change our fate,
And choose a new face at the plate.

So donít forget to cast your vote,
And just select someone of note.
If you donít want more of the same,
Then vote in someone you canít blame.