The following was sung at Maurice Taylor’s going away party before he left for Australia to represent Northrop in the Final Assembly of the Australian F-18.


(Sung to the tune of "A Wild Colonial Boy".)

There was a Wild Colonial Boy,
M. Taylor was his name.
He was born and bred in England,
And acquired notorious fame.
So he fled and went to Canada,
Its industry to tame.
Then the mighty dollar tempted him,
And to the States he came.

He settled down to ply his trade,
In Cal-i-forn-i-ay,
And went to work for Northrop
In a suburb of L.A.
He helped to fix the screw-ups,
And you’d often hear him say,
"If things keep on the way they are,
"I’ll work ‘til retirement day!"

Now he’s off to help the Aussies,
Way Down Under, far away.
He’s going to build some Hornets,
So MAC and Northrop say.
But they wouldn’t tell him everything
‘Til he’s well along the way.
The real truth of the matter is
He’s off the Botany Bay !!!

So here’s to Maurice Taylor,
With his Ginger and C.C.
We wish him all the best of luck,
Wherever he may be.
Us POMs and YANKs will miss him
As he flies across the sea.
But his utterings will echo out
For all eternity.