My urologist's name is Doctor Zinner (coloquially known by everyone as Doctor Zee). He is treating me for prostate cancer and is very much like the Muppet's Doctor Bunsen Burner in appearance. The rhym was inspired by the theme song from Dr. Seuess' "The Grinch who stole Christmas".


You’re a strange one, Doctor Zee
When you say, "Bend down, Mr. P”.
I have to wonder sometimes,
If you ever had a choice,
When my backside,
Is one of the only things, - that you are able to see.

You’re a strange one, Doctor Zee,
When you do this thing to me.
You’re very good
At what you do,
And very gentle to.
But do you have to give me the third degree, - when you’re down there, - performing a D.R.E.

However, I thank you, Doctor Zee.
And never mind the fee.
You've helped me
Live a happy life,
With many years to come.
So I thank you very, very much, - dear Doctor Zee.