Each year the Royal Society of Saint George holds a celebratory Garden Party. As usual, this event was organised by Jean Racko and held at Art Smith's residence in Palos Verdes.

‘Twas a lovely garden party,
And everyone was there.
We all had such a lovely time,
A truly grand affair.

The R-S-S-G made us proud.
The vittles did impress.
Each fellow wore a blazer,
And each lady wore a dress.

And hats were very evident,
Straw boaters for the guys.
The ladies summer bonnets,
Brought sparkles to their eyes.

A very British afternoon,
Was had by one and all.
With Union Jacks a flutter,
We all had quite a ball.

We toasted Queen and Country,
It made me feel so proud.
As we lifted up our glasses,
And sang her name out loud.

We’d like to thank our hostess, Jean,
Our hearts were all aglow.
And we very much appreciate
Her efforts for the show.