The Royal Society of Saint George held its 2006 Christmas Party at the house of Peter and Marion White on December 3, 2006.


Christmas comes but once a year.
But not in Southern Cal, I hear.
With Thanksgiving, R.S.S.G.,
We’ll celebrate it, 1-2-3!

The party will be held, I’ve heard,
Upon the night, December third,
Within the manor on the glade,
Owned by Sir Peter and his fair Maid.

There will be many things to eat,
With much that's good and much that’s sweet.
With songs to sing, ‘twill be so fine,
Especially when we’ve quaffed some wine.

Oh! What a party it will be -
A proper knees-up, just you see.
A happy time for one and all -
Oh! What a party! What a ball!