Our daughter, Melanie, had to dig a 45 foot ditch around her house so that a new line could be laid to
replace a calor gas line that had sprung a leak.
She sent us an e-mail saying that she never wanted to be a Ditch Digger.


Don't want to be a ditch digger,
Ditch Diggingís not my line.
But a PooBear or a Tigger
Or even Eeyaw would be fine.

Donít want to be a Ditch Digger,
A ditch diggerís not for me.
Itís not difficult to figure.
Itís not what I want to be.

Donít want to be a Ditch Digger.
Digging ditches anít no fun.
Oh! It may make me bigger,
But itís got me on the run.

Donít want to be a Ditch Digger.
The ground is full of bricks.
It makes me want to snigger,
This is not a job for chicks!

So, take this job and shove it.
I donít want it any more.
I know thereís some that loves it,
But it only makes me sore.