We went to a party the other day and got into a conversation about why the French were referred to as "Froggies". This set my mind to thinking about all the various names that we attach to each other and resulted in the following,


The Yanks all call us Limeys,
The Aussies call us Poms.
We call the Ruskies Commies,
Some shorten it to Coms.

We call a Frenchman Froggie,
We call a German Kraut.
We call the Arabs Ragheads,
Thatís not what itís about.

We call the Irish Paddy.
Use Pollack for the Poles.
And Eyety for Italians.
Just to save our souls?

Aborigines are Abbos,
And Chinamen are Chinks.
If there are any chinks ariound,
Itís in the way one thinks!

We all live on this planet,
And we need to get along.
To call each other silly names
Just seems to me all wrong.

We used to call a Spade a Spade,
But even thatís not right.
By calling everyone a name,
It gives us cause to fight.

We all come from a common source.
So everyoneís the same.
We need to get together,
And learn to play the game.

There should be no more wars to fight.
No fighting over land.
Letís stop this crazyy name calling,
And love our fellow man.