After purchasing a three hundred slotted CD player, I finally decided to transfer all my LPs into that format. Luckily, I have a computer program to help[ me do this. As I sat engossed in this task, the following came to mind.


What to do with all my LPs?
What shall I do with them all?
I know what I'll do with those LPs,
And I wonít store them all in the hall!

Iíll change all my LPs to CDs,
Thatís just what I'm going to do.
To keep my LPs is quite like a disease,
But I might try to keep just a few.

Iíll put all those others on e-bay.
Thatís just what Iím going to do.
Thereís a lot of folks there all eager to pay
Just to get these LPs - that is true.

For some of them really are classics,
And all of them still look like new.
With e-bay Iíll get back to basics
Showing LPs that all can review.

Iím changing my LPs to CDs,
Then they'll take up less space in a row.
I've a couple of hundred of LPs!
So Iíd better get started right now!