This Trafalgar Day thing must have got me all patriotic or something because I just sat down and wrote another thing that popped into my head. This poem was recited at the 2007 Xmas Party and the fifty or so in attendance were led in a good old sing along of some good old Music Fall songs. Anyway, here it is:


I'm proud to be an Englishman,
Iím proud to be a Brit.
Iím proud to be a Limey,
So please donít have a fit.

If you look back on what weíve done,
From times gone by a bit,
Youíll have to give us credit,
Yes, Iím proud to be a Brit.

The basis of good government,
In Magna Cartaís writ.
Itís fairly common sense to me.
Iím proud to be a Brit.

Our empire stretched so far and wide,
Sun never set on it.
And English is the standard,
Yes, Iím proud to be a Brit.

Then Independence blossomed,
And we all stepped back a bit.
Still they used most of our lessons.
Yes, Iím proud to be a Brit.

We left the world a better place,
I think you must agree.
Itís what we all are here for,
And a Brit Iíll always be.