I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1993 and have been on a disease modifying drug since 1994. The web site "www.msworld.org" requested the submission of poems. The following poem was written in response.


"You are MS, you are MS",
Is what the doctor said, I guess.
However, thatís not what I heard.
'Twas something else that I inferred.

"You are a mess, you are a mess".
Itís what I felt. I must confess.
This doctorís got it right I thought.
If heíd just figure what Iíve caught.

For Iím just feeling out of sorts.
Itís why I donít do well at sports.
Itís why Iím always falling down,
And why I always wear this frown.

But when I have some work to do,
I drive to work while seeing two.
And so I have to close one eye.
There's something wrong, I don't know why.

I used to be so full of life,
But now my life's just full of strife.
Why canít I do the things I did,
Those years before, when just a kid.

"You have MS, you have MS",
He said it clear, I must confess.
And then at last the penny dropped.
I understood. My heart just stopped.

The doc then said, "Itís not the end.
"There are a few things we can mend.
"Weíve caught it early, so thereís hope".
I felt to me heíd tossed a rope.

"There's many more much worse than you,
"So let us see what we can do.
"There are so many meds today.
"And Iíll prescribe one if I mayĒ.

"Weíre learning new things every day,
"So donít feel sad, and donít feel gray".
This session was some years long gone,.
And now I feel alive and strong.

I do most of the things I did.
I canít believe I almost hid.
Itís not the end of all I knew,
Itís just that Iíve changed what I do.

I still walk along the shore.
I walk three times a week or more.
That doctor made me think again,
That thereís much more to life than pain.

We should give thanks for what weíve got,
And not for all those things weíve not.
This lifeís for living, donít you see?
So come and live this life like me!