Clinton, Obama, McCain,
Another six months of the same!
Each day on TV
It is all that we see,
Again and again and again!

This contest’s not really on fire.
Do they think that our votes are for hire?
All the money that’s spent,
Just won’t mean a cent.
For their preaching is all to the choir.

But Hillary Clinton’s got Bill.
And that might be too bitter a pill.
The polls all atest
That Obama is best.
It's real close, but he’s just ahead still.

The Republican Party’s not sure
If McCain’s the right man for the tour.
For although he’s pedantic,
He sounds Democratic,
But that just might be that man’s allure.

By the time the election comes round,
They’ll have beaten us all to the ground.
When the campaign’s all done,
And they’ve all had their fun,
Our votes are the ultimate sound.

We’ll have to be careful that day,
And be sure of whatever we say.
For the next four years are
Too important by far,
Who ever wins out on that day.