I bought a childrenís book today,
To teach my kids to read.
The title was so cute I thought.
With morals they might heed.

Itís all about a monkey,
Whose name is "Curious George".
With minds as malleable as theirs,
Some lessons it may forge.

But when I got it home at last,
Itís lessons I found out.
Were all about a different George,
This one was no Boy Scout.

For George was who we voted in.
The lessonís very plain.
He may be very curious,
But heís a long long way from sane.

The English had their "Mad King George".
A "Curious George" was he.
But our George is just as curious.
It's not so hard to see.

Heís been around for eight long years,
Thatís eight long years too long.
If thereís one thing our kids will learn,
Itís that we were so wrong.

Itís curious that we did it.
Because theyíll have to pay.
We all feel pretty stupid.
What else is there to say.

So read the book, my children.
The lessonís clearly wrote.
Donít make the mistake that we made then,
When itís your turn to vote.