Johm and Hazel Young celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 24, 2006. Before John retired as the F-18 Structures Manager at Northrop, Dick Hartley (an aspiring manager who John reluctantly reported to) had some kind of beef with him and, in a fit of pique one afternoon, ripped off his name plate from his office door. John is also an avid golfer with a low handicap, and plays at least three tiimes a week. The following two rhymes will be made up into presentation plaques and presented to them during the ceremonies.

John and Hazel Young's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

There once was a fellow named Hartley,
Who wasnít all there - only partly,
So one day, about three,
He ran over with glee,
And ripped off Johnís name tag - quite smartly!

Our Hazelís known John since a teen,
Now he spends all his time on the green.
But she doesnít debate
When he comes home quite late,
ĎCos she always knows just where heís been!