Mike Hahn's wife set up a surprize birthday dinner to celebrate his 50th birthday.
Having worked with Mike at Northrop before I retired, I wrote the following rhyme as part of his "roast". Mike is a very quiet fellow and has worked many years in the Materials Research Department at Northrop. Mike is also very adept at brewing his own beer - I know because I have partaken of many a bottle over the years.


If youíve got a few minutes
Iíll tell you a yarn,
About a young fellow,
Whose name is Mike Hahn.

Now Mike doesnít say much,
But when heís provoked,
Heíll climb on his high horse,
And get kind of stoked.

Heís gentle of manner,
And quiet to a tee.
But if he gets angry.
It is scary to see.

However, heís mostly
A hell of a guy.
Mikeís great fun to be with.
Now, Iíll tell you why.

Well, over the years
He's drunk gallons of beer.
And at fifty years old,
Mike is finally here.

ĎCos all of that beer
Has preserved him quite well.
For itís all in the suds,
And it's not hard to tell.

So lift up a tall one,
And wish him good luck.
For he's working at Northrop,
In search of a buck.

Five-oh may be special,
But it doesnít compare
To the three-oh thatís coming.
If Mike is still there!