My mate Bob Stocks and his wife, Pat, spent a few relaxing days with us before flying back to New Zealand after outstaying their visit with their son and his wife in Atlanta. They had a good time there but said that it was time to leave. Bob said that he hoped that he wouldn't have to go there again, so Pat now has a good way to get him to toe the line in the future. She wondered if I could pen a few words on this topic, and this is the result.


Our Pat now has an answer,
If she gets into a fix.
Especially when her husband, Bob.
Tries to put her in the mix.
She knows just what to tell him,
If he puts her on the spot.
“If you don’t start to behave yourself,
“You’ll be back there, like a shot”!

Our Bob remembers time spent there,
He was glad to get away.
They both got on an airiplane,
Escaping to L.A.
They’ll soon be back in Aukland,
Where the sun is shining hot.
And won’t be travelling Georgia bound.
‘Less Bob goes, like a shot!

But back home in New Zealand,
Relaxed and all sublime.
He’ll remember dear Atlanta,
He’ll remember all the time.
Bob better just behave himself,
Or Pat will let him know.
“You’d better watch your manners,
“Or back there you will go”!