A Neighborhood Watch Committee has been started on our street by June Lee. As most people on the street tend only to be on speaking terms with their immediate neighbors, June thought it would be a good idea for everyone in the street to become familiar with all the other people who live there and that one way to do this was to have an organized "Block Party". This event would take quite a bit of work, but June was ably assisted by two of her friends and the Block Party was set to take place on October 11, 2008. Everyone was notified a month in advance. City permission was granted and. beginning at 11:00am that day, local street traffic was restricted by means of barriers placed at either end of the block. The day was well attended by most of the residents and was such a success that I felt I had to pen the following on the next day.


I finally ceased the world to roam,
And now have found a place called “Home”.
We've lived here now for four decades,
Through daytime’s sun and evening’s shades.
We’ve met some folks upon our street,
But thought there’s many more to meet.
When first we chose this place to stay,
Our kids were small and used to play,
But they grew up and moved away.

The cycle’s happened three times now,
New families came and then moved on.
I thought it’s time to meet, but how?
An idea formed , and then it won.
All the people on the street,
Could get together, and all would meet.
A block party! And a date was set,
A date was set, and then we met.
One of those days I shan’t forget.

So many kids upon their bikes,
Rode down the street on boards and trikes.
With hula hoops and skipping ropes,
Each competition raised high hopes.
And then there was the naming game,
Match each profession with a name.
We all wore name tags on our chest,
And got to know each other next.
Then food came out - and such a lot!
Salads cold and chilli hot.

With just so many dishes fine,
I didn’t know on which to dine.
Some neighbors brought a Chinese dish.
It was so good and quite delish.
We all sat down to eat our fill,
And chatted with our neighbors till
We all agreed that we would greet
As friends when we pass on the street.
This street’s a neighborhood that’s tall,
Thanks to June, Liz and Jenna’s wake up call.