I wanted to cook Margaret a special meal for Mother's Day this year and set to work whipping up a spread of grilled salmon and new potatos followed by Creme Broulee (her favourite desert). Although the meal was fine, I didn't think that the Creme Broulee turned out quite the way it should. I have been trying various recipťs since then, but without much success. That is until the one shown below.


Iíll tell you a story, if I may,
Of what I did at home today.
I had some time to while away.
And so I made a Creme Broulee,

Iíd made it many times before.
But every time there was a flaw.
The first one dropped upon the floor.
I stamped my foot, and then I swore.

I thought Iíd try it once again.
And found a recipť quite plain.
I whipped up eggs and sugar cane.
But had to throw it down the drain.

I thought Iíd try again once more.
And so I journeyed to the store.
I purchased eggs and cream galore,
Then ran back home and through the door.

I place eight egg yolks in a bowl.
Add third cup of sugar to the whole.
I whip it up and, bless my soul,
"Iíve got it this time", I extol.

Vanilla extract, one teaspoon,
Iíll have this mixture finished soon.
This morning or this afternoon-
I dance and sing a merry tune.

Stir in in two pints of whipping cream,
And put the kettle on to steam.
The ovenís hot. I start to gleam.
Three hundred F is just the scheme.

I pour hot water in the pan,
Then fill six bowls up per the plan.
I place the bowls into the pan,
Into the oven - "Youíre the man"!

An hour goes past, itís cooked just right.
They sit an hour and look so light.
Into the fridge and out of sight,
I let them cool there over night.

With sugar melted on the top,
The task was just about to stop.
Iíve finished what I tried to do.
Hereís Creme Broulee from me to you.