My friend, Dick, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and had an incident where he fell at home and broke his hip. This resulted in him being hospitalized. He was moved to a recovery facility after treatment and will be away from home for about two weeks. He has two Britney Spaniels at home; nine year old Bumper, and two year old B.J (or Bumper Junior). His wife, Clare, told me that they are both pining for his return. I wrote the following for Clare to read to him while he recuperates prior to coming home again.


If dogs could only talk to us,
I wonder what they’d say.
Just take the case of Dick’s two dogs,
Named Bumper and BJ.

Well, Bumper is so thoughtful,
While BJ jumps around.
They wonder where their master is.
His presence can’t be found.

They run around the house all day,
Just looking round about,
And every time the doorbell rings,
You’d better just watch out!

But Dick will be home soon enough,
To scratch behind their ears.
And they’ll jump up to lick his face,
As soon as he appears.

If dogs could only talk to him,
I’m sure that they would say,
"Where have you been all these long days?
"Oh, please do tell us, pray".

"We didn’t know where you’d gone to,
"You left us in the dark.
"But now that you’re back home again,
"We have to jump and bark".

For Bumper and for BJ,
Missed having Dick around.
They missed the hugs he gave them,
And they missed his happy sound.

And Bumper, Dick and BJ,
Will coalesce like glue.
You’ll never separate them,
No matter what you do.