Dick and I both worked alongside each other at the same company for many years until we retired.
This is a poem about the last time we were able to walk together before his health declined too far.
Dick finally passed away in his sleep on Tuesday 10 February, 2009.


We had a friend.
His name was Dick.
He made us laugh,
With wit so quick
But, alas,
The spark he had,
Has disappeared,
It is so sad.

We used to walk,
Along the beach.
Heíd leave me standing,
Out of reach.
It worried me,
He walked so fast.
But then the penny,
Dropped, at last.

Up way ahead,
I saw him fall.
'Twas nothing I
Could do at all.
I helped him,
Stand upon his feet.
A young girl helped,
She was so sweet.

We carried on,
And climbed a ramp.
But halfway up,
He stopped with cramp.
Another girl,
(A comely wench),
Walked him to,
A sidewalk bench.

We sat him down,
And made him rest
The girl stayed too,
At my behest.
And then I went,
To get the car.
I wasnít long,
It wasnít far.

I knew this walk,
Would be our last.
But memories of,
Those days long past,
Would stay with me,
Throughout each mile,
Each one remembered,
With a smile.

I visited him,
Just once a week.
He shook my hand,
But didnít speak.
But still he knew,
That I was there.
As I communed,
With Dick and Clare.

We shared so many.
Times of old.
Thereís tons of tales,
That can be told.
Iím sure those times,
Were in his head.
Those times werenít sad,
But fun, instead.

I wish that we,
Could look behind,
Those eyes that,
Showed a man so kind.
For Dick will always,
Be our friend,
And we'll be his,
Beyond the end.