The DOW has gone to die,
But there's a reason why.
With so much greed.
No one took heed,
It really makes one cry.

The housing market sank,
To the bottom of the tank,
Can’t make a buck,
Ran out of luck,
No money in the bank.

Now General Motors goes,
Another of our woes.
George shut his eyes,
‘Twas no surprize.
We’ll reap all that he sews.

‘Twil take a few years more,
To solve this dreadful score.
We’ll see the light,
Stand up and fight,
And stop this stupid war.

We’ll have to pay the price,
And it won’t be real nice.
For we all feel,
We lost the deal,
Not heeding sound advice.

This country still stands strong,
We’ll right what we’ve done wrong.
In five more years,
Through sweat and tears,
We’ll be where we belong.