I thank you for being my friend.
A true friend doesn’t have to pretend.
For no matter why,
Theyll always stand by,
And sustain you right through to the end.

So I thank all the friends that are here.
Some so far and others so near.
The support that they give,
Will always outlive,
And stay with me all through the year.

If you don’t have a friend - that is bad.
It’s not very good - only sad.
For everyone needs,
Applause for their deeds,
If only to make them feel glad.

For when we all stumble and fall,
And our back is right up to the wall,
We need someone near.
To diminish our fear,
And make us stand sturdy and tall.

For that’s what all friends are about.
And there’s never a reason to doubt.
For when you are down,
Getting ready to drown,
All they need is for someone to shout.

And they’ll come to your aid in a flash,
Whenever they hear that first splash.
Get you going again,
Get you breathing, and then,
Start your engine right after the crash.

And you’d do the same for them too.
If they need you, you’d not say adieu.
We should all treat each other,
As a sister or brother,
And stick to each other like glue.