I have this friend named Girts.
Who says, "Run till it hurts"!
"Run through the pain,
"No pain, no gain",
Thatís what our Girts asserts!

"A Texanís true. A Texanís tough.
"Donít sweat the things that are small stuff!
"And itís all small stuff
"Donít you see.
"So please donít shake your head at me".

When gasoline went up in price,
Girts gave us all some good advice.
He cried out loud so all could hear,
"Stop crying in your goddam beer"!

He used to run to work each day.
And you would often hear him say,
"You have to run right through the pain".
And then heíd do it all again.

Heís now retired, but still the same.
He gives each friend a cute nick name.
He gets up while each dayís still dark -
Rides twenty miles, just for a lark.

It doesnít matter if it rains,
Because he rides through aches and pains.
He pounds the pedals hard and fast,
Until he gets back home at last.

Then after that he walks with me,
Along the bike path by the sea.
But still I pause and give a sigh.
Itís good to know that Gritser guy.