I felt that I needed to write something using a different meter than most of my poems. The following was an attempt to see if I could do this. If it works, then I will do some more.


Iíve travelled far,
There are many places that Iíve been to.
But there's one place that I love still,
And it's that place called home.
Iíve been abroad,
So many cities that Iíve been through.
But back home is where I long to be,
How ever far I roam.

Iíve many friends
Around the world, including you.
And no matter where I rest my head,
I can never feel alone.
Iíve done a lot,
Thereís still so many things I want to do.
But I never seem to stay there long enough -
I'm just a rolling stone.

However, there will come a time,
When all these things, not just a few,
Canít measure up to where I live,
A place that I call home.
So Iíll stay here,
No need to go to places new.
I just have to dream of where Iíve been,
And all the people that Iíve known.