The year 2008 was quite a year. The stock market crashed; the housing market collapsed; General Motors ended up going to the poor house; and the government talked about a 700 billion dollar bailout plan to help keep the economy afloat. On top of all that, we had a general election that elected the first person of color to the post of the next President of the United States. There's no question that the next twelve months will certainly constitute a year for us all to remember.


I rather think the next twelve months,
Is something we’ll remember,
We’ll either sink ot swim this time,
But won’t know ‘til December!

This country’s in a rotten mess.
It took less than eight years.
We’ll need to dig down really deep,
With blood, and sweat, and tears.

There’s such a tough road up ahead.
The going won’t be smooth.
But if we stick together,
We’ll have nothing left to prove.

So pull the belt in tighter,
And hold your money fast.
This can’t go on for ever,
This tragedy won’t last.

Just like the Great Depression.
So many years ago.
The lesson’s clear for all to see,
“You reap just what you sow”!

We may have been led by the nose.
Towards the “Promised Land”.
These promises all came to naught,
And now we understand.

If something’s too good to be true,
If it’s all “pie in sky”,
It will never happen.
Do you have to wonder why?

It was the age of greed, they say,
We’ve learned our lesson well.
If we don’t get it right this time.
We’re heading straight to hell!

A bird in hand’s worth two by Bush,
Is what we’ve all been told.
But now we’re going to get it right,
And turn this dross to gold.