"Tabitha" came to our house along with her brother "Jagger". Although from the same litter, they couldn't be more different. While Tabitha spends her time running around the house like a wild thing, Jagger always seems to be thinking about something else.


We have a cat named Jagger.
He’s black as black can be.
The reason he’s called Jagger,
Is not so hard to see.

The other Jagger’s first name’s Mick.
He’s with a rockin’ band.
Our Jagger’s oh so smooth and slick,
And wouldn’t understand.

Our Jagger stands for Jaguar,
Or Black Panther it is said.
With eyes like golden opals,
And a tongue bright ruby red.

Exactly in proportion,
He’s a mini panther cat.
He slumbers in the window,
And he knows just where it’s at.

His coat is black all over.
Not a trace of white to see.
But he seems to ask this question,
As his eyes stare straight at me.

“My cousins in the jungle,
“They hunt for bigger prey.
“I have to hunt for smaller things.”
Is what he seemed to say.

“They hunt there in the jungle,
“While I’m stuck here in this house.
“And the biggest prey that I can catch
“Is a spider or a mouse.”

But Jagger is a dreamer,
And in those dreams he soars.
He prowls around the jungle,
And lets out thunderous roars.

So he is still content,
To live his life with me.
And dream his dreams of wonder,
Of the world he’ll never see.