As I grow old and come of age,
I look back upon my life.
I've got more thoughtful, wise and sage,
Through all my years of strife,

The lessons I learned through the years,
Have stayed with me quite well.
Through days of joy and days of tears,
And some that seemed like hell.

But when I sit and think some more,
It wasnít quite so bad.
Ny limbs now ache, my back gets sore,
But as I think, Iím glad.

For each day was just a lesson,
That taught me how to live.
I lived life with a passion,
Learning things that I could give.

To treat each person like theyíre me,
Is what Iíve tried to do.
I wouldnít want the world to see,
That Iíd mistreated you.

I passed those lessons onto all
Iíd met throughout the years.
Through winters long, spring, summer, fall,
I laughed away those fears.

Lifeís lessons shape each character.
Each day adds something new.
We tread this earth as actor,
No matter what we do.

Itís how we strut upon the stage,
And show those in the hall.
We show them how to turn each page,
And get up when we fall.

Lifeís lessons are a gift, itís true.
Don't let them slip away.
So Iíll pass mine from me to you,
And hope that you will say ....

"The wisdom I shall follow,
"Was taught by one so wise.
"All my days of joy and sorrow.
"I'll think of as a prize."

This life is just a journey,
That everyone must tread.
Not a game and not a tourney,
But an image in oneís head.

Each generation passes on,
The lessons that we've found.
And hope that there is someone,
Who finds those lessons sound.

So live your life with laughter,
And learn those lessons well.
For those that follow after,
Will, for sure, more people tell.