It’s a strange old world,
This world of ours.
It often makes me think.
But stranger still,
Is why milk sours,
And makes that awful stink.

The milk of human kindness,
We all should take a drink.
Hoping some will come our way.
But please make sure,
You stop and think,
Before those words you say.

For milk can sometimes
Turn out sour,
If left for many a day.
So just make sure
You say it now,
For thoughts can fade away.

Tell loved ones
That you love them.
Before it is too late.
There’s no time
Like the present,
Not something to debate.

You never know,
How long you’ve got,
Upon this world of ours.
So tell those who you love a lot,
Throughout the days long hours.

So do it now,
Or you’ll forget,
To say those words to them.
So do it!
Or you will regret,
Not offerring that gem.

It will create,
A special day,
For them to hold so dear.
They’ll always
Think of you that way,
And keep your memory near.