I love watching movies that Iíve never seen.
Those flickering images, up on the screen.
They take me to places that Iíve never been,
And Iím able to travel for free.

I sit here enjoying the chase,
As the cop cars and motorbikes race.
You can see it all over my face,
If you sit here and watch it with me.

The films may be based on the past.
Some are slow, but others are fast.
It sometimes depends on the cast,
If its lesson is too hard to see.

They transport us out of our head.
Doesnít matter what thoughts weíve been fed.
The blood may be gory and red.
But itís over in two hours or three.

Itís all make believe, we are told.
ĎThough our blood sometimes seems to run cold.
With heroes and heroins bold,
Itís an epic, you all must agree.

Some films donít use actors at all.
In a cartoon some things can be tall.
They can even be tiny and small,
But the voice of a cartoon is key.

For a cartoon still needs a voice,
To show some remorse or rejoice.
So an actor still has a choice.
And be able to pick up a fee.

There will always be films on the screen.
Some are funny and some are obscene.
Some are for grown ups and some for the teen.
It really donít matter to me!