I was able to take an early retirement before reaching 55 and have now been retired over 13 years. Needless to say I am enjoying every minute of it but still wouldn't have wanted to miss all those years before.


I worked so hard throughout my life,
And never thought Id be
So easy and so laid back,
With every day so free.

But now Im in retirement,
And the days are all my own.
I sit and answer letters,
But I rarely use the phone.

I take long walks along the beach,
Without a care or frown.
I eat just when I want to,
And I never drive to town.

I thought Id miss the friends I had,
Each day that I was there.
The jokes around the coffee pot,
The stories that wed share.

Its funny when I think of it.
I see them in my dreams.
But most of them are free as well.
Theyre happy too it seems.

And every month we gather,
To have breakfast as a group.
Those fellows that I worked with,
Keep each other in the loop.

We talk of times so long ago,
Of all the fun we had.
The general conclusion
Is it wasnt quite so bad.

But then we had each other.
Wouldnt go to work again.
Cos things have changed since we were there,
Theyre different now, my friend.

Weve all been asked to come back,
But were having too much fun.
With lots of beer and pizza,
And just lying in the sun.

If you compare the life we have,
To what we had before.
Youd have to be an idiot,
To think we wanted more.

We got out in the best of times.
While we were young at heart.
Wed do it once again, perhaps,
But dont really want to start.

Were happy in retirement,
Love our days here in the sun,
Just thinking of those poor souls,
Whose day has just begun.

But still Im glad for all those years,
That I got up at dawn.
I think back and enjoy it,
As I lay in bed and yawn.

New sixty is old fifty,
Is what they say today.
So make sure youve still got it,
Before you fade away.

So if you are still working,
Ill tell you, its no lie.
Just remember you should get out,
Before its time to die.