The temperature reached 130F in Death Valley today and was 90F in the shade at our place. I looked at one of our cats and wondered how they coped with the heat. We can strip off, but they don't have much choice in the matter.


We have a cat named Tabitha,
She really is quite cute.
Now Tabitha has lots of fur,
Enough to make a suit.

The sun is out, the day is hot,
But that’s not good for Tabitha.
She likes to run around a lot,
But it’s too hot for her.

"You humans really have it good",
Is what she seems to say.
She’d walk on two feet if she could,
Yes, that would be the day!

"I have a coat that’s nice and warm,
"All through the winter long.
"But through this heat and thunderstorm,
"To wear this coat is wrong".

"Now, if I had a zipper,
"This coat I’d surely shed..
"And I would look quite chipper",
Is what that kitty said.

"But you wouldn’t be so pretty",
Is what I said to her.
"You won’t look like a kitty,
"Just a weird old Tabitha".

So Tabitha considered this,
And when she thought some more,
She gave out quite an angry hiss,
And ran right out the door.

She found a nice cool place to sit,
Away from glaring sun.
She thought she’d rather stay a kit,
'Cos zippers aren’t much fun.